We are your fairy godmothers 
who make all (well, most)
wedding wishes come true

I realized early on that a great marriage starts off with a great wedding.  

It involves more than 2 people and usually, 6 (the in-laws from both sides)

Since then, I've envisioned a perfect wedding. I told myself:

On the wedding day, you will stand proudly in front of everyone as you look into the eyes of the one promising to love you forever because you are just the right amount of everything wonderful

  • You won’t be as out of shape as you think you are, or as weird as you think you are
  • Everyone stands and cherishes you and compliments you on your beauty
  • It will be the exact wedding you have been dreaming of since you were 13
  • You will just immerse in the moment while everything falls nicely into place
  • You will have a real epic fairy tale Cinderella moment, followed by a smooth sailing relationship with the person you will spend the rest of your life with

As fate would have it, I started a wedding boutique with the goal of creating this very wedding for couples like my husband and I. I've did it. From 2006 until today, I have helped 5000 couples orchestrate their most important day. I know the gravitas of each and every wedding we plan. We treat your wedding the same way we would our own.

Your wedding is not going to be another workday for us at Labelle Couture. It is the most important day of your life, and ours.

 You have heard your fair share of wedding boutique horror stories.

  • Wedding co-coordinator goes radio silence after the couple has signed on the dotted line. They end up chasing the wedding boutique about what to do, instead of the opposite.
  • High pressure sales tactics are used to pressure you into buying packages on the spot, where you'll have to make your decision on that day or the “offer” will be gone. And it comes with no refund.
  • Zero flexibility when it comes to selecting your photographer or make-up artiste after you've signed the wedding package. What if you really want to engage a particular photographer, but are tied down by the package you've signed?
  • The hidden costs, where every gown you're attracted to requires an additional top up as they belong to a more 'premium' category.

 It doesn't have to be this way. What if you can...

Have your very own proactive wedding assistant with a custom timeline & calendar (based on quality management system certification— ISO 9001:2015) who anticipates every next step to make your dream wedding a reality?

Customize your bridal package to be exactly what you want. This means you can enjoy the flexibility of tailoring your package to your needs and not paying for the things you don't need. 

Choose from a full range of over 1000 designer couture gowns (refreshed thrice a year) without having to pay extra. Gowns are not separated into 'premium' or 'normal' range so you don't have to worry about any hidden costs.

Talk to a wedding guru instead of a pushy salesperson so that you'll be clear-headed enough to make the right decision and go with something that you will not regret 10 years down the road.

For the past 12 years, we've worked with over 5000 couples (including celebrities such as Xiaxue, Tay Kewei & Alfred Sim, Melody Yap & Lady Iron Chef) to take them from being clueless or overwhelmed with wedding planning to being assured and seeing everything in a rosy glow — knowing that they are in safe hands. Now, we want to help you.

Don't take our word for it; hear from couples we've helped:

Melody & Brad

Jocelyn & Matthew

Audrey & Yibin

Why Choose La Belle?

Customizable package

We are the first bridal boutique in Singapore to adopt a redeemable point system for our bridal packages. Each bridal package comes with a fixed number of ‘wishing stars’, which can be used to redeem an extensive range of bridal services. This includes bridal services such as makeup and hair-styling, wedding floral bouquets, wedding car decoration, venue decoration and props rental. There is nothing fixed and no hidden cost within the package when picking and choosing the services you require.

In-house gown & suit designer

Choosing a wedding dress can be extremely stressful, but it is stressful for a good reason. You wouldn't want a wedding dress that has a design of yesteryear, do you? Our in-house gown & suit designers take inspirations from international bridal fashion and come out with new designs twice a year. Some of the latest trends include low V back, mermaid silhouette, and the simplistic yet elegant bateau neckline most recently worn by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

ISO certified – ensuring consistent quality

As the famous quote goes – “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. You are organizing your wedding for the first time but we have done it for over 5000 couples within the span of 12 years. We know the nuts and bolts that could go wrong and we review our process to ensure the next couple would not meet any hiccups. We are the only bridal boutique that has been awarded the world recognised ISO:9001:2015 certificate — as proof of our quality management system. Your concerns will never be ignored with our 24/7 dedicated email responder and you can be assured that any last minute emergencies will be promptly taken care of.

100% Hassle Free Experience 

More than just offering exquisite gowns, professional wedding photography & videography, La Belle Couture serves as a one stop bridal solution that delivers a hassle free & holistic wedding experience. Our comprehensive services cover everything (well, almost!) under one roof. If you require other wedding related services beyond our scope, you can simply tap into our wide network of qualified partners.

But Most Importantly...We listen to you

It’s your wedding, not ours. You are the bride & groom, not us. We respect your decision. We will not try to suggest to you some grandiose setting if all you want is a simple, cosy one. There is nothing more frustrating than you starting off your wedding planning excitedly, but ending up with a totally different version of what you have envisioned. Our bridal specialist will respect your choice of style – such as wearing sneakers for your wedding! We are cool with that!

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Unlike other bridal stores, Labelle was very transparent with their pricing which I appreciate! I liked how my bridal coordinator May Ling was not pushy AT ALL. In fact, she answered all our queries and gave us ample time to think and decide. Throughout my wedding process, May Ling also helped a lot by providing me a clear schedule. There were a couple of times that I made last minute changes but she was able to promptly assist me, including helping me find a gown that was comfortable. Thank you Labelle for the great service!

Chua Yongwen


Engaging labelle couture for our special day is the best decision ever! Our bridal specialist May has been such a great help, a rare gem who has full dedication and passion in this industry thus she was extremely detailed and was very particular about small little details from the gowns, suits and car deco to ensure everything is perfect! My MUA vivi was also fantastic with her makeup skills. She was professional and provided great advice, i love my hairdo and makeup! The whole team in labelle couture such as kenny, rayden has been very helpful and friendly and i always look forward to go to the studio. Many thanks to all of them for this great experience, a good bridal vendor defintely boost up our mood as we know we are in good hands! -

Min Chng

Watch how your wedding journey will unfold with
La Belle Couture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your bridal package expensive?

Why are you able to provide a customizable package?

Do you provide just the gown/suit rental?

What if I have gain or lose weight a few days before my wedding?

What are the charges excluded from your bridal package?

Am I restricted to a certain range of gowns for the bridal package that I am holding?

I am a plus size bride. Do you have any gowns that will suit me?

Is the 3rd party consultation really free?

About La Belle

We are a league of ordinary yet professional folks who are dedicated to the art of creating extraordinary wedding experiences. Comprising the most committed individuals with extensive experience in the wedding industry, our team is driven to ensure that your wedding journey will be as smooth as possible.

You can expect nothing less, always more.

Here at Labelle Couture, we would love to help every couple in Singapore plan their wedding, but recognize that we are not suitable for everyone. It could be due to price point, filled-up slots or difference in styles. In any case, we think that you make the best decisions only with sufficient information.

Having been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, we’ve come to realise that most couples shop with no prior knowledge, leaving them as easy prey for some companies through their hard sell tactics. In the end, expectations were not met, leaving only nasty memories of their wedding. As such, we are offering a complimentary ‘’Wedding Guru Consultation’’ for you to get clear on what you need/want and what you don’t. Our experience with 5000 couples tells us this minimizes the occurrences of quarrels throughout the wedding planning process.

Secure your complimentary wedding guru consultation now if you want to:

  • Receive neutral objective advice from Labelle Couture’s very own wedding ‘guru’ who has turned a few hundred dream weddings into realities
  • Receive a custom wedding timeline, where you'll know exactly what happens at what point in time, so that your wedding is utmost stress-free
  • Understand what type of wedding gown brings out the best in you, considering your preferences of course. (we have 500 different unique designs, including practically every design you can think of)
  • Project into the future and prevent any potential problems you will face in your wedding planning process with our professional advice
  • Learn how to choose a wedding photographer and/or videographer that suits your palate. 
  • Find out if you need other services like a wedding emcee or wedding bands, based on your budget
  • Maximize your budget to get the most value-for-money services
  • Receive customized advice based on your dialect group so that you please the older generation
  • Strictly no obligation to buy anything on the spot. Take all the time to make your decision. We are always here. Prices don’t change.

First 50 couples will receive our complimentary  "Wedding Planning Starter Kit" that includes a wedding budget planner, wedding day programme & timeline, guest list manager, things to bring on your wedding day, pre-wedding photo shoot checklist, wedding vow samples and much more!

Secure your complimentary wedding guru consultation that comes with the "Wedding Planning Starter Kit" (worth $38) now! 

Feel free to call us at 6653 2685 if you require more information.

We are your fairy godmother! But our spell doesn’t end after 12am.
We want to make you the happiest bride and the happiest wife ever!

With love, Teo Peiru

Author of 'Your Definitive Guide to Wedding Planning"

Managing Director of La Belle Couture Weddings

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